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Citadel :

A perfect combination of strength and class, Citadel is a burglary resistant home locker. Its fully-welded multi-bend body with double-walled construction will keep your precious belongings safe from all unannounced threats.

Features :

  • Capacity : 43 L

  • Dimensions : 470mm X 490mm X 441mm

  • Weight : 55 kg

  • Fire Resistance : Non Fire Resistant

  • Intelligence : Basic

  • Lock Type : Key Lock

  • Strength : Advanced Strength

  • 100X Stronger than a wooden wardrobe

  • Double-walled construction for enhanced strength  

  • Fully welded multi-bend construction for increased strength (Citadel)

  • Rear end of door acts as continuous dead bolts preventing any break-in attempts

  • Adjustable shelves

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