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Rhino Mechanical :

Rhino safes are strong, compact and built to last. The safe can be easily accommodated in all residences and is also available in an electronic variant, which has digital locking.

Just as the name suggests the mechanical home safe boasts of extreme strength yet, is compact in size. It has a heavy plate door with solid steel bearing block and a drill-resistant armour plate for shielding the lock and bolt in the door. The safe also comes with 2 shooting bolts and can only be opened with a Godrej high precision 6 lever key.

Features :

  • Capacity : 55L

  • Dimensions : 420mm x 460mm x 415mm

  • Weight : 40kg

  • Strength : Advanced Strength

  • Fire Resistance : Non Fire Resistant

  • Intelligence : Basic

  • Lock Type : Key Lock

Rhino keylock.jpg
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