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Popular Safe : 

Banks and financial institutions deal in cash on a daily basis. Transactions happen by the minute, with large amounts going in and out. The security for this cash comes in the form of drawers of cash counters, cupboards or tables. Resistance offered by these measures isn't of the highest grade, rendering them vulnerable to even a small-time thief with common tools.
To satisfy such needs, especially in low-risk areas, the Godrej Popular (POP) safe can be installed for easy access. Durability and reliability is what you get for the security of your cash, when you choose the Godrej POP Safes.

Features :


Fully welded multi-bend body ensures greater security


Heavy plate door hinged on strong pivots in a solid-steel bearing block provides adequate resistance to impact of hammer


3-shooting bolts behind a rebate while the rear edge of the door acts like a continuous vertical bolt


Model no. 1212 - 1 key lock, Model no 1616 (onwards) - 2 key locks and 1 key lock for the drawer


A 7- step pretreatment process imparts corrosion and scratch resistance


A locker with a flap door and lock provided to facilitate the storage of items which need additional security


Godrej high-precision dual control 6-lever lock operated by two keys


A 3-wheel numerical combination lock can be provided if requested at the time of delivery


Popular Safe also available with a coin slot measuring 12x80 mm and baffle tray inside

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Available in Dual Tone powder coated, Dark Grey/ Light Grey colour finish


Available with an integration of alarm system

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