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NX Pro Biometric 40L : 

NX Pro Biometric home lockers are designed to offer personalized security. Its locking system uses the latest technology to ensure that your valuables are protected with the most intricate key design – your fingerprint. Store up to 30 fingerprints for fool proof security and give access to your loved ones too.

Features :

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Biometric Lock

A convenient way to unlock your precious belongings, using the most unique and intricate key design - your fingerprint*


Motorised locking mechanism

A smarter mechanism that adds fool-proof safety to your locker, unlike solenoid based locking systems.


30 Fingerprints

With the locker's ability to store up to 30 fingerprints, your loved ones can get access to its contents simply by scanning their fingerprint on the locker.


USB Power on Bio

A port for emergency access in case the battery is drained


Multi-bend construction

Its fully welded single metal multi-bend construction offers added security and superior strength.


Non Volatile Memory

Remembers your passcode and fingerprints even after a battery change


Installing a safe

You can either grout the safe across the wall or have it anchored to the floor depending on your convenience to provide extra security to your valuables.

Technical Specifications : 

Capacity : 40L

Dimensions : 420mm X 350mm X 350mm

Weight : 16kg

NX PRO Biometric 40L.jpg
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