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Ritz Bio : 

Designed to offer superior security, Ritz comes with ‘i-buzz’- an inbuilt alarm system that alerts the user if the safe is tampered with and is available in two variants, Ritz Touchpad and Ritz Bio. The safe offers secure storage and convenient access to all your precious valuables.

Features :

  • Capacity : 28 L

  • Dimensions : 330mm X 400mm X 325mm

  • Weight : 22kg

  • Strength : Advanced Strength

  • Fire Resistance : Non Fire Resistant

  • Intelligence : In-Built Alarm

  • Lock Type : Biometric

  • 100X Stronger than a wooden wardrobe

  • Anti-theft alarm buzzes upon tamper

  • Lock and unlock with 30 fingerprints

  • Fast and accurate fingerprint verification for authentic access

  • Secret Compartment (Chupa Khaana)

  • Mechanical override key in case of a lock-out

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