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Rhino Advanced Digital :

Rhino Advanced safes are strong, compact and built to last. The safe comes with a heavy plate door and has twin solid dteel shooting bolts that provide additional security to your valuables.

Features :

  • Capacity : 79L

  • Dimensions : 610mm x 460mm x 395mm

  • Weight : 52kg

  • Strength : Advanced Strength

  • Fire Resistance : Non Fire Resistant

  • Intelligence : Basic

  • Lock Type : Digital

  • Locker Type : Electronic

  • 100X Stronger than a wooden wardrobe

  • Heavy Plate Door

  • Unlocks with 4-6 digit secret password

  • Internal drawer with lock

  • Twin solid steel shooting bolts for extra protection

  • Keypad auto freezes after consecutive wrong password attempts

  • Adjustable Shelf

  • Internal Light

  • Non Volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low

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