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Crusader Lite is a currency handling machine that ensures every note is counted and checked. This machine provides authentication and complete accuracy. Whether it is counterfeit notes, torn notes, double notes or half notes, this machine detects it all. Powered by an ultraviolet and magnetic sensor, it conducts a self-check once powered on to ensure all sensors are working optimally, and points out errors, if any. It has an automatic mechanism that starts counting as soon as the notes are fed. Crusader Lite is made for commercial businesses, banks and other financial organisations.

Godrej Crusader Lite - Cash Counting Machine

    • Counterfeit Detection Technology

      UV, MG & IR

    • Counting notes (pieces/min)


    • Dimension

      29.2cm x 24cm x 17.8cm

    • Gross weight (approx. Kg)


    • Hopper capacity

      300 notes

    • Power consumption (in W)

      75 W

    • Power supply

      90 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz

    • Size range of note (in mm)

      Min: 5cm x 10cm: Max 9cm x 19cm

    • Stacker capacity

      200 notes

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