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Defender Aurum NX Safes

Defender Aurum NX Safe has been specially built to help businesses safeguard against burglary threats. The safe is a thief’s nightmare as it can withstand even the most intense form of modern-day attack. It gives the customer peace of mind by keeping valuables protected at all times and is also the most premium offering in its line of safes.

Features :


Strong and Seamless Body

A fully wielded multi-corner bend construction without a single rivet and a one piece wrap around door construction


Double Duty Barrier

Armoured with Double Duty Barrier (DDB) material in the door and the body


Two-step Door and Frame Construction

Provides higher resistance against fire and burglary and strong shooting bolts secure the door behind the jamb box against dislodging


Torch and Drill Resistant Matrix

Enhanced torch and drill resistant matrix used in TRTL classes of safes (class II and above)


Motion Sensor IntelliLight

Enables clear visibility of contents, interior of safes and access of valuables even in dimly lit location


Automatic Relocking Device

Sets the safe into a deadlock with two relockers and an additional beta relocker to protect from precision attack on the lock


Dual Control High Precision Locks

8-lever dual-control high precision locks protected with unique drill-defeat shield in the door

liftofhinges_P31043815 (1).jpg

Lift off Hinges Door Construction

Facilitates removal of door for ease in transportation and in service


Class C Safes With One-Hour Fire Resistance

Successfully withstood one-hour fire resistance test carried out at C.B.R.I., Roorkee, India